In-Hospital and Curbside Appointments

In-Hospital and Curbside Appointments
May 2, 2022

Current Covid Protocol

At Golden Oaks Veterinary Hospital, clients are welcome into the building for their appointments. If you wish to remain curbside, please let us know when you are scheduling your appointment and we are more than happy to accommodate your request.

What to expect:

Step 1: When you pull into the parking lot we ask that you please call the front desk at (909) 477-4499 to let us know that you and your pet have arrived.

Step 2: Clients will be asked to wait in their cars until comes to get you.

Step 3: Depending on the type of appointment requested:

  • In-Hospital Appointment: Our technician will meet you at your car and escort you into an exam room.  Only one person will be allowed into the exam room.
  • Curbside Appointment: Our technician will meet you outside to bring your pet into the building. They will take a full history and gather any questions that you might have for the doctor. The doctor will then come out to your vehicle to discuss all of her findings.

Step 4: After the appointment is complete:

  • In-Hospital Appointment: Everything will be completed in the exam room. Prior to leaving, you will be given any medications, the opportunity to schedule follow-up appointments, and/or check out. You will then be escorted to the exit by one of our staff members.
  • Curbside Appointment: Our technician will bring your pet with any prescriptions, etc to you outside. You will check out and schedule any necessary follow-up appointments with our technicians at your car or receptionist over the phone.

Prescription Food and Medication Pick-up:

Will continue to be handled curbside and we ask that you kindly call (909) 477-4499 when you reach our parking lot.

If you have any questions or concerns we ask that you please reach out to us by phone at (909) 477-4499 or email us.

Thank You.
Golden Oaks Veterinary Hospital